Clemen - Horfeo's Clementine



Horfeo's Blue Steel Tradition

Ch. Yeolands Tradition
Ch. Ozmilion Illumination
Ch. Ozmilion My Infatuation
Ch. Ozmilion Kisses of Fire

Yeolands Eventing Moon
Ozmilion Adoration
Tomilzan Precious Love

Love Me Tender delle Stelle Lucenti

Ch. Jofi de Penghibur
Ch. Hooligan de Penghibur
Hanotherstep de Penghibur

Solo del Gioiello
Deborah del Gioiello

Myorky's Possession

Ch. Antares
Ch. Lil's Young And Beautiful
Ch. Debonaire's Silver Spoon
Ch. Lil's If You Love Me

Mary Rose
Ch. Majodian Ecstasy

Myorky's Osiride
Ch. Hunderwood Obsession Ch. Starstruck Italian Stallion
Hunderwood Lipstick

Kristal Denny's
Bo Derek

Date of Birth: 21/11/2004


Here you can see ALL shows results.


19 International Show Galiza (Spain)
Judge: Angel Garach (Spain)

2 EXC - Open Class

12 National Show Aveiro - Portugal
Judge: Boris Chapiro (France)

1 EXC CAC BOB - Open Class

5 International Show Viana do Castelo
- Portugal
Judge: Liliane R. Onghena (Belgium)

2 EXC R-CAC R-CACIB - Open Class

15 National Show Penafiel - Portugal
Judge: Hans Muller (Germany)

1 EXC CAC BOS - Open Class

67 International Show Norte CAC-QC - Portugal
Judge: Roger Barenne (France)

EXC - Open Class


3 International Show Batalha - Portugal
Judge: Zoran Brankovic

4 EXC - Open Class

5 Exposio Canina Nacional de Braga
Judge: Irene Gonzalez (Spain)

1 EXC R-CAC - Open Class

19 International Show Galiza - Spain
Judge: Paul Stanton (Sweden)

3 EXC - Intermediate Class

11 National Show Aveiro
- Portugal
Judge: Jos Vidal (Portugal)

1 EXC R-CAC- Intermediate Class

18 Monogrfica of Terriers Show - Portugal
Judge: Mariano Goi (Spain)

3 EXC - Intermediate Class


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