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Written by Alda Coutinho   

Alda's GoldStar is the name of a passion, a passion dedicated to Yorkshire Terriers
Some years ago a came across this breed and since then I never forgot. Their beauty, extreme elegance, but most importantly their sweet character and devotion to their owners have made me a true passionate of the breed. Today, with my husband support, my dream has come true.
Breeding is our hobby, our passion! A hobby that makes us assume a serious commitment with this breed, and today we dedicate most of our free time to this breed.

Our mission is to breed healthy, free of congenital defects, great character, outstanding structures and compact bodies Yorkshire Terriers. We also strive to breed puppies with lovely heads, sweet expression and good hair quality. Since this is our passion we take care of our dogs and litters ourselves making them part of our family. This is why we limit the number of dogs that enter our breeding program, since we are looking for quality not quantity.
Our dogs are treated as part of the family, they can run and play freely in our house. We also have a garden where they can exercise and play freely. Our Yorkies are vet checked on a regular basis.

I would like to thanks our friends and family for all the support they have given us.

Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoyed it! Visit us in the near future for updates and pictures.


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Date: 16.04.2024